The Lover, 285 €

Two times fired ceramics. Numbered open edition. Various glazing options.

Height: 27 cm
Width: 15 cm
Depth: 13 cm

Price 285 €
Optional personalised carving +20 €
Shipping costs not included. For example standard shipping to Finland 25 €.

The statue is made to order. Approximate time to dispatch 3-4 wks.

Story of the lover

The Lover is a divine muse, truly powerful source of inspiration. She is able to make anyone more than his best self just with her infinite love and admiration. She does this by completely giving herself without gaining anything for return. Is the relationship sustainable?

In the Finnish mythology, the frog symbolizes birth, transition, and recreation. The word ‘kutea’ meaning ‘to lay spawn’, is also used to describe making love – in such a way that lasts very long.

Animal: Frog
Strength: Empathy
Weakness: Self-neglect
Colour: Green
Element: Water

Glazing option: ‘True Green’