Bondage Bunny

Playfully kinky series that draws its inspiration from the world or furries and fetish. Order your own bunny or a cat with customised details!
(Light paintings by Anna Gawecka)

the great ladies

The Great Ladies concept depicts powerful women in various important roles in life. You can find casted ceramic statues of the same characters in my shop.

The Lover, 2021

The Teacher, 2021

the hider, 2021

the fighter, 2021

the gatherer, 2021

the ruler, 2020

the dreamer, 2021

The Diva, 2022

The Leader, 2022 (SOLD)

The Worrier, 2022

the hedonist, 2023

Making of the great ladies

great ladies open edition

Great Ladies casted statues available with various glazing options. Numbered open editions.

the ruler*, 2021

the hider*, 2021

the fighter*, 2021

the teacher*, 2021

the lover*, 2021

the dreamer*, 2021


I love making portraits of people. I’m intrigued by the gap between our self-image and how others see us. Everyone has a great story to be told, and I feel honored every time I get a commission to reveal one.

Buster and the existential crisis*, 2009

self-portrait in the office, 2014

David: a man with the sausage, 2014 (SOLD)

Viola & HELMI: THE mOST wonderful thing is to be a girl, 2021, (SOLD)

Miscellaneous 2019 – 2022

the Crow girl, 2020

a wall flower*, 2020

viola and helmi, 2021 (SOLD)

arctic heroes, 2019

Guardian of the cabbage fields, 2021 (SOLD)

kitten angel, 2021 (IN PRIVATE COLLECTION)

Herring dreams*, 2020

The fox riders*, 2022

The Itch*, 2022

the dudes, 2010

These are a few examples of an old portrait series. It all started from a study of Buster Keaton, after which I spent two years picking random faces and characters around me as models for statues.

Sometimes on thursday evenings Bruno is dangerous (SOLD)

tytti saves the world today (SOLD)

johannes wants one more ice cream*

Kukka-maaria thinks she’s a girl (SOLD)

Buster and the existential crisis*

Petra is a bondage hobbyist (SOLD)

Inga dives in deep waters (SOLD)

Paavo: A lousy poet*

Martta with beautiful hats and dark thoughts*

myyttejä ja muotoja

Miscellaneous work 1993 – 2013

tango (SOLD)

minotaurus from savonia (SOLD)

woman with the beast*

A quiet one*

narcissos (SOLD)

the sparrow (SOLD)

poker player (SOLD)

raja minni (SOLD)

party dress*

swastikasana (SOLD)

the five of us*


I have heard the mermaids singing

Paavo and Olavi (SOLD)

Pertti – the prize statue for Tapiola Gala

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