Bondage Bunny

Your new best friend has been bad.

Bondage Bunny draws its inspiration from the world of furries, fetish and kink.

This intriguing endeavor combines traditional porcelain figurines, ribbons and yarn with urban motifs. The collection includes creations of a submissive bunny and a dominant cat with varying costumes and accessories. 

Through its playful approach to sexual fantasies and fetishes, the concept aims to alleviate any feelings of angst or oppression individuals may experience due to their own personal kinks.

Each statue possesses its own distinctive name and story, adding depth and individuality to these unique characters.

The bunny flirts with luxury toy collectibles inviting the owner to display it in various positions: sitting, lying down, or even swinging, reminiscent of classic ornaments.

The Bondage Bunny concept has inspired also other artists, like Anna Gaweçka. The photography and light paintings on this page are hers,

The bunny installation in Street Love exhibition organized by Amsterdam Street Art was a collaborative effort involving Anna Gaweçka and Krijger Vormgave,

Anna created light paintings of the bunnies, and Krijger Vormgave mastered digital and screen printing of the canvases, tampon printing on ceramics, as well as design and manufacturing of the wooden display.