The fighter, 285€

Two times fired, glazed ceramics. Numbered open edition. Various glazing options.

Height: 27 cm
Width: 12 cm
Depth: 20 cm

Price 245 €

Optional personalised carving +20 €
Optional wooden gift box: +29 €

Shipping costs not included. For example standard shipping to Finland 25 €.

The statue is made to order. Approximate time to dispatch 3-4 wks.

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Story of the Fighter

We used to have geese, and their persistent attack on anything in the yard was quite scary. They were full of impulsive rage, and without thinking twice ready to go against even ten times bigger creatures.

The Fighter is born from this explosive, energy. She lives by the rule ‘attack is the best form of defense’. Don’t get on her way, but help her to channel the energy for good.

In the Finnish mythology, birds brought a human’s soul to her at the moment of birth, and took it away at the moment of death. The water birds especially were connected to the fertility, Spring, the new beginning.

Animal: Goose
Strength: Energy
Weakness: Rage
Colour: Red
Element: Fire

Glazing option: ‘Poppy’