The Great Ladies

Character design for The Great Ladies project.

the Ruler, 2020

the Fighter, 2020

the Lover, 2020

the Teacher, 2020

the Hider, 2020

the Gatherer, 2021

the Dreamer, 2020

the storyteller, 2021

the leader, 2022

The DIva, 2022

the worrier, 2022

the hedonist, 2022


I’m always excited to make portraits of people. In my paintings, the models are protagons of colourful stories living the fantastic side of our lives.

For devona & JIM: Wasting time on a rose, 2021

For Hemang: The storyteller, 2018


For Mothers, 13.5.2018

sataa vanhoja akkoja, 2021

The old rooster and challengers, 2018


I adore cats, and am especially fascinated of their independent lives next to us. Our cats come and go as they like, and leave me wondering about their adventures which I can’t join in. 

the night out, 2021

Rendez-vous, 2021

My quarantine house 2020

In Spring 2020, the world was paralyzed by Covid19 pandemic. When people were forced to stay at home quarantine, many of us felt scared and anxious. On the other hand, the world felt strangely smaller and connected. So rarely everyone around the globe shares such similar everyday struggles.

I started to create portraits of my friends in the middle of their socially isolated lives around the world. The goal was to keep my own mind away from the scary thoughts, to give some comfort for others, and also to learn using digital drawing tools. My connections in social media shared little stories and photos with me, which I used as an inspiration to draw a picture per day. The project resulted in a book of 30 drawings. Below a few of them.