Welcome to Clay with Me in the Open Atelier

Welcome to Clay with Me in the Open Atelier

Welcome to make ceramics in Atelier Ainoa together with me in flexible time slots.

You can book time slots that suit you and me. The price for 4 x 2.5 h is 155 €, and it includes tools, materials, and the firing service.

I’m usually working in the studio during the weekdays but often also weekends. Drop me a message ainoaoffice@gmail.com, and let’s check the schedule over the coming weeks.

How Does the Open Atelier Work

Drop me a message in ainoaoffice@gmail.com, and get an access for four 2.5 h sessions to make ceramics with me. We agree three first dates and time, and the last one after your works have been bisque fired.

When you come for the first time, you will get information about the tools, clays etc. I’m always there to give you tips and guidance.

Tools and materials are available in the atelier, and your works will be also fired for you. You can either brush glaze the greenware with Mayco Stroke & Coat glazings, or come back to glaze them after the bisque fire with more glazing options.

Who Can Join

Everyone interested in the independent working on clay can join to the open atelier sessions.

There’s room for max 8 persons in the atelier, and usually I have myself a project ongoing too. The slots are managed by a shared calendar.

More info and booking ainoaoffice@gmail.com