Create Ceramics at Home – Fire It in Atelier Ainoa

Create Ceramics at Home – Fire It in Atelier Ainoa

Sometimes it’s nice to work with clay in your own peace at home, but installing a firing system can be tricky and expensive. Now you can bring your clay projects to be fired in Atelier Ainoa. We offer two options: renting the whole kiln for your own use, or only one shelf.

Rent the whole kiln, 150 €

The size of the kiln is 60 x 60 x 90 cm, and price for one firing is 150 € + VAT. When you rent the whole kiln, you will load and unload it yourself. We have a versatile selection of thermal shelves and other kiln accessories to optimise the use of the space.

We are happy to assist you to set up a firing program you need.

Ask for the open slots in the calendar

A greenware sculpture before firing…
…and after the glazing fire.

Book one section, 60 €

For smaller batches, you can book only one kiln section. We divide the firing space in three sections safely with kiln shelves.

Effective firing space on one shelf is 50 x 50 x 25 cm, and price is 60 € + VAT. The kiln is fired on a regular basis to 1030 C degrees, but ask also for other temperatures.

When you are only using one section, we will load and unload the kiln for you. Turn-over time is usually around 3 weeks.

Ask about the firing calendar


We use standard firing programs that have given perfect results throughout the years. For you a little checklist to ensure a smooth process:

  • Check your pieces are dry.
  • Make sure your object is hollow.
  • Mark your pieces with a stamp or carving.
  • Clear all glaze of the bottoms.

Let us also know what glazings and clays you have used so we can ensure the best firing program for you. Looking forward to fire your pieces!

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