Rewind in A Creative Ceramics Workshop – Plan Now!

Rewind in A Creative Ceramics Workshop - Plan Now!

Organise your own ceramics workshop in Atelier Ainoa for a group of friends, family or colleagues. The session consists of three parts:

  • Introduction to the hand-building with clay
  • Creating an object like a mug, cup, or a figurine
  • Decorating it with Mayco Stroke & Coat glazings (over 30 colour options available)

The price for a 3 h private ceramics workshop is 95 € pp (excl. VAT). In this time, you will be able to make a small object of clay and decorate it – even if you don’t have any earlier experience on the ceramics. It is also possible to plan a longer session. Minimum size of the group is 3 persons and maximum 8.

If your group has a special reason to gather together for the creative session, we are happy to help you to think a special theme for the workshop. Some ideas are for example:

  • Travellers: Rewind with the clay after busy sightseeing and make your own souvenir.
  • Team building: Create a clay portrait of your colleague.
  • Friends: Decorate your mug with a reminder why you stick together.
  • Christmas: Make your own ceramics candle holder.
  • Spring: Flowers, flowers, flowers – build your own tulip vase or a use plants in the decoration.
  • Easter: Create tiny creatures for your grass still life.

After the workshop, your works will dry for 1-2 wks. Dry objects are fired in a special ceramics kiln to 1030 C degrees. The firing turns the raw clay into a hard ceramic object, and melts the glazing into a glossy surface – just like a glass. You can either pick up the works from the atelier after 2-4 wks or they are shipped to you. Shipping cost depends on your home address.

The clay objects before the firing.
The firing takes several hours in a special kiln (oven) that is warmed over 1000 C degrees
After the firing the clay has turned into ceramics.

Ask more info via email Check also our next Ceramics Handbuilding courses and Clay Sundays here.

The teacher in the workshops is Sanna Pöyhönen. She is originally a Finnish artist who first put her hands in the clay 30 years ago, and is still in love with the craft.